Polish Innovative Medical Cluster PIKMED

What is the Polish Innovative Medical Cluster PIKMED:

PIKMED is a interregional organizational structure of the corporate relationship character, which operates within the medical and health protection branches. The cluster has a form of a modern catalyst which stimulates the relationship between the areas of business, learning, government and local administration.

What are the activities of the Polish Innovative Medical Cluster PIKMED:

The basic goal of PIKMED Cluster activities is to create a network of cooperation which enables an effective connection and usage of the developmental potential of people, medical entities, enterprises, higher education facilities, scientific research facilities, local administration units and business-related institutions in the area of medicine, health protection and modern technologies in the medical branch.

Goals of PIKMED Cluster activities:

  • Searching and executing the innovative medical projects,

  • Integration of the public and nonpublic medical facilities, scientific-technological parks and higher education facilities which operate within the area of medicine,

  • Help in realization of all the developmental initiatives and obtaining financing from the national and European funds for their execution, not only for the investments, scientific researches, but also activities connected with the development of modern practices, procedures and standards as well as medical techniques, technologies and innovations,

  • Creation of favourable conditions for medical investments.

Advantages from joining the PIKMED Cluster:

  • Realization of innovative projects submitted jointly by the Cluster members and help in funding these projects,

  • Influence on development of medical innovations,

  • Exchange of information, experiences and knowledge between Cluster members especially through participation in Congresses, Conferences, Conventions, etc.

  • Participation in directional projects – Competence Centres,

  • Influence on the creation of conditions which favour the development of medical branch in Poland

  • Increase of competitiveness of PIKMED Cluster Members.

Directional projects - Competency Centres:

  1. Extensive Medical Care
  2. PIKMED Tech
  3. Telemedicine
  4. ICT
  5. Risk Managment
  6. Polinnovation MED
  7. Support for the elderly and disabled


Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

e-mail: biuro@pikmed.pl